Corporate History Services

No matter what your needs, the Corporate Historian provides tailored and scalable services designed to uncover and preserve the most important elements of your corporate history. Corporate history services include:

Corporate History Books – A full examination and retelling of your company’s origins and achievements placed in a wider historical context.

Corporate Anniversaries – Enhance your commemorative literature or multimedia event with thoroughly researched and well written content.

Corporate Exhibits – Enhance your lobby or other public space with an attractive display that emphasizes your company’s rich history.

Corporate Museums – Present your company’s historical narrative to the general public and attractively display information about the technological innovations and people who contributed to your success.

Oral Histories – Record and preserve the stories and recollections of the people who have made your company great.

Corporate Archival Services – Improve access to your documents and information while preserving historic originals.

Organization & Non-Profit Histories

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