Corporate Oral Histories

While the trajectory of your company’s history can be found largely in major events and the decisions of those in leadership positions, some of the more interesting aspects of your corporate culture cannot be found by following any paper trail. The thoughts, impressions, and memories of your company’s employees say a great deal when compiled and added to the larger picture of your corporate history. Oral history interviews are the perfect method for recovering information that might not otherwise emerge from the written record. Whether you want oral history interviews as a supplement to archival research into your company history or just to preserve information from treasured longtime employees and retirees, oral histories are an efficient method for preserving materials on the verge of being lost. The Corporate Historian can assist you in every aspect of an oral history project.

  • Project Coordination – select and interview current and past employees and leadership.
  • Additional Research – conduct additional archival research relating to any issues arising from the interview material.
  • Editing and Transcription – all interviews are saved in raw/unedited form. Edited versions focusing on a particular subject may be provided when requested. Along with the audio recordings, the Corporate Historian can provide transcripts of the interviews in a searchable database format.

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