Corporate History Books

When the time comes to write the history of your company, the Corporate Historian can provide a narrative that highlights your business’s significant contributions to the economic success of your community, the importance of your innovative technology or intellectual property, and the unique elements of your corporate culture that foster continued success and longevity. Whether you need a pamphlet-length introduction to your history to contextualize your current position or a broad, book-length account of your company from founding to present, the Corporate Historian provides written historical narratives grounded in the practices of sound journalism and well-researched historiography.

  • Research – compile information from corporate archives and conduct interviews with relevant past/present employees and leadership.
  • Historical Context – while writing a comprehensive history of your company, the Corporate Historian will place your story within the context of larger historical trends. The end product will not only reveal the history of your company, but your company’s place within history.
  • Unique Material – your corporate history will be a unique, copyrighted material written with an eye toward contemporary corporate culture, mission, and target market.
  • Scalable – once written, the material can be adapted for multiple formats such as informational brochures, product literature, company literature, or an article for submission to trade publications or affiliate organizations.
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